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Bucuresti, Romania


Danube Road Randonneur

1404 KM: Bucharest - Bazias - Bucharest

DANUBE ROAD RANDONNEUR is the BRM1200+ from endurance cycling, organized in Romania by Randonneurs Romania together with the organization Adevaratii VeloPrieteni Romania, licensed by Randonneurs Mondiaux.

The route, with a total length of 1404 km and an elevation gain of nearly 7000 meters, is mostly through the roads on the Romanian shore of the Danube, running through what is known as EUROVELO on the European cycle route network, established by the European Cyclists’ Federation, specifically EuroVelo 6 – From the Atlantic to the Black Sea (running alongside three of the largest European Rivers: the Loire, the Rhine and the Danube), and EuroVelo 13 – The Iron Curtain Trail (following the border between the Eastern and the Western blocs established during the Cold War).

The start and finish are set in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, and the turning point will be in the city of Bazias, locality where the Danube river enters the Romanian territory.

On the way, the route crosses the following more important localities: Bucharest (Pantelimon), Fundulea, Lehliu Gara, Manastirea, Oltenita, Giurgiu, Zimnicea, Turnu Magurele, Corabia, Dabuleni, Bechet, Calafat, Maglavit, Cetate, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Orsova, Eselnita, Dubova, Moldova Veche and Bazias.

On the way back, the route passes through Moldova Veche, Dubova, Eselnita, Orsova, Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Cetate, Maglavit, Calafat, Bechet, Dabuleni, Corabia, Turnu Magurele, Rosiorii de Vede, Videle and Bucharest.

Similar to other ultra-brevets with a tradition that takes in Europe, DANUBE ROAD RANDONNEUR is organized every 4 years. The first edition of the event took place between August 10-15, 2018, the year Great Union Centenary, thus initiating the 4-year cycle of a new European endurance cycling ultra-brevet, there are 61 cyclists at the start. The second edition of the ultra-brevet is scheduled to take place between August 26-31, 2022, in the year of the Centenary of the creation of the Romanian national unitary state, an event marked by the coronation of the Kings of Romania in Alba Iulia.