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Fleche / Trace Romania (EN)


The Flèche / Trace Romania rides – two sister endurance rides, part of the Flèche / Trace National categories, are characterized by the fact that, in order to have their brevet-cards and results validated, the participants will ride in a group.

These rides are organized around the Easter break and their purpose is to gather everyone in the same place to celebrate, reconnect and reinforce the team spirit.

In Romania, these endurance rides are organized by “Randonneurs Romania” through Iulian Ene and the organization “Adevărații VeloPrieteni România” – this organization is the National Representative of “Audax Club Parisien” in Romania, based on the rules and regulations which can be read here. Starting 2020, a similar event is organized in Cluj-Napoca, known as Flèche / Trace Transilvania.

The National Flèche – an endurance ride which consists in a group of 3 to 5 people who have to cover a distance as long as possible and of minimum 360 km long (more or less 20% from the initially announced distance), on a route chosen by the team captain. In addition to that, at least 25 km should be ridden in the last 2 hours from the total 24. At the end of the ride, all teams have to arrive at the same meeting point.

The National Trace – an endurance ride which consists in a group of 2 to 6 people who have to cover a distance of 201-360 km long. The route is chosen by the team captain and, at the end of the ride, all teams have to arrive at the same meeting point. In Romania, the Trace ride has to be completed within maximum 32 hours from the starting time.

There is a participation fee (11 €/team member – adults cyclist and 5 €/team member – minor cyclist) and, in addition to that, there are some optional extra costs for food and luggage transportation to Valea Lungă (adult cyclist: 13 €, minor cyclist: 7 €). However, the active “Randonneurs Romania” club members will pay a different fee – 9 €/team member.

The price for the final diploma and medal, granted at the end of the season by “Randonneurs Romania”, is included in the participation fee. It will be paid via bank transfer to the organization “Adevaratii VeloPrieteni România” (bank details: IBAN RO02 RNCB 0085 1536 8704 0001, BCR București). The payment can be transferred either individually or collectively, by the captain of each team for his team members. The payment confirmation will be sent to If one of the team members might be replaced before the starting time of the ride, the team captain will need to inform the organizer.

The brevet-card granted for the National Flèche ride is necessary for winning the other Randonneur 5,000 and 10,000 titles.

Further details about the the International Calendar of the National Flèche rides can be read here, on the official ACP website.

Update: 19 decembrie 2020